• Elegance Rechargeable LED Table Lamp Plated Brass LED Touch Switch
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Elegance Rechargeable LED Table Lamp Plated Brass LED Touch Switch

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Brand: Westin Decor
Type: Table Lamp
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Unleash the power of Elegance! Illuminate your workspace or living space with our sleek and modern Rechargeable LED Table Lamp, expertly plated in brass for a touch of luxury. With a touch switch, this lamp offers convenience and style, making it a bold addition to any room. Get ready to take your space to the next level with our Elegance Rechargeable LED Table Lamp! Indulge in the sleek and modern design of this lamp, plated in brass for an added touch of luxury. With just a touch, you can bring light and style into any room. Upgrade your workspace or living space and stand out from the crowd!

• Touch Switch 4000mA Battery 5V 1A USB-C Charging
• LED 1.5W (6000K-4000K-3000K
• Color : Plated Brass
• Metal
• Shade size top Diameter(inches): 2.7
• Shade size top Diameter(inches): 5
• Shade size Height Diameter (inches): 3.25

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